Can hypnosis make me stop smoking?  

During the past eighteen years, we have helped hundreds of smokers go free!  When we are asked this question, we inquire as to the strength of your desire to quit.  Hypnosis cannot make you do something you do not wish to do.  But, if you have you ever found yourself saying; "I need to quit smoking, but somehow continue to sabotage myself" ... you're ready!  If eliminating this deadly habit from your life is important to you, then with hypnosis, you are on your way to being tobacco free! 

Why not use the patch or other drugs?  

Generally we have found that when someone tries to quit with those treatments, many times people resort to their old habit.  Why?  Because they haven't made any real changes in their subconscious mind where your habit center resides.  We see many people who have tried these various methods only to find that they did not work, and finally found hypnosis as their winning solution.

How many appointments will it take to become a non-smoker? 

It is important to note we are not in the sales business, but the business of helping you stop smoking for good. Some hypnotists will insist that you pre-book and attend multiple sessions.  At Stop Smoking Now Hypnosis, we do not pre-sell appointments.  We don't need to.  Most of our clients find complete success after only one or two sessions.

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