Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is hypnosis?  It is not sleep, but a natural, normal state you enter everyday.  Hypnosis is much like those times when you day dream, or when you just sit and quietly relax.  It is the same state that occurs when you get out of you car and wonder how you got to where you are.  Typically, it is deep relaxation (both mental and physical), increased awareness and a feeling of well-being.  Simply put, hypnosis is a state where you are relaxed and in total control.

Can you make me do things against my will?   Absolutely not.  You can never be made to do anything that would violate you sense of right and wrong, moral and ethical codes, or simply something you do not want to do.  You will only be given, and you will only accept, powerful suggestions that will propel you to attain your goals.  Most people develop misconceptions of hypnosis from watching stage hypnotic shows or movies - both done for entertainment purposes only.

How long will it be before I notice a change?  In one session you can expect to experience a powerful  sense of relaxation, and also expect to feel a wonderful change of thought processes concerning the attainment of your goal.  As a result of hypnosis, you goals rapidly start to become very real and crystal clear.  Subsequent sessions will reinforce and magnify those positive feelings.

Do I need to see the hypnotist or will audio recordings work as well?  Excellent question.  General hypnosis recordings will give you only broad general results.  We believe and have found that clients do much better when they are recognized as individuals, and the hypnosis sessions are specifically created for them and their problems.

These are some of the most frequently asked questions, but undoubtedly, you have some specific questions of your own. That is exactly why we offer free phone consultations.  Just call and we will answer any questions you may have about hypnosis and it's positive impact on your life.

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